Friday, October 7, 2011


T.G.I.F. is all I have to say!

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Do y'all remember how back in the day, like way back in the day...when T.G.I.F. didn't mean getting off work for a couple of days and having the weekend to sleep in, if your lucky, but it meant Friday night TV? You know what I'm talking about. See, I like to say I was an 80's kid...but really, I was just made in the 80's, 1984 to be exact but I grew up in the 90's. You follow me?

T.G.I.F to me, as a 90's kid, meant Friday night TV line up(this is probably where my love for TV started, just sayin')

Full house anyone? Uncle Uncle Jesse!

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Oh, the Hawaii episode, my favorite.

How about a little, "Did I dooo that?" from Urkle

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Everyone loves Suzanne Somers, right?

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Who didn't have a crush on Cory's best friend Shawn?

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Seriously, those were the days. Not a care in the world...just kick back and watch good quality tv that always had some lead character have a moral conflict but it was solved at the end of thirty minutes. If only life were that simple.

Now in 2011, little Michelle sells alligator bags for 40,000 dollars a piece, who would have thought about that? Uncle Jesse is still as hot as always.

In other news, I have been wanting a new phone cover...something along these lines

and I almost order me one until I stumbled across this find on pinterest

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A DIY phone cover...since I have been feeling pretty craft these days, I thought no problem...I can so make me one. Well, let me just tell you...trying to cut paper around those little bitty holes on your phone is a pain in the ass.

However, I did follow through with it and this is my outcome

Not to bad, if I do say so myself.

That is all...I'm off to actually do so work

OSU has a game this weekend, so GOOOO POKES!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I loved the TGIF TV lineup! Full House was definitely the fav. And totally had a crush on Shawn. Ahhh, thanks for this little walk down memory lane.