Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pinning away

First thing first...when did it go from nice fall like weather to freaking freezing cold?? Not happy mother nature, not happy!

So per usual, I spend most of my work day, "pinning" things. Yes, like the majority of y'all, I am seriously addicted to pinterest and for that reason I have suddenly found myself...

A. Really really hungry from looking at all the food pictures
Pinned Image

 B. I have about 100 or more "dream" houses and rooms picked out
swim up bar and pool house...yes please!

Who doesn't want a swim up bar in their backyard??

C.I find that every picture of a half naked baby is utterly cute and right there in that moment I want one
( but then I remember I am single and not married )
seriously adorable

D. Pink Louboutin's with sparkles are just as necessary as a blinged out deer head mounted on a wall, tell me if you shot a deer you would not do this?

Pinned Image

E. Realize that my best friends are clearly not doing their job at finding my Prince Charming...

Pinned Image
Let's get to work on this girls

and last but not least...I have now received more motivation to work out then ever before...good grief, who doesn't want this how do I get this exactly...oh, ya...exercise!

Pinned Image

On that note...peace out, I am off to enjoy my pumpkin spice latte and think about exercising



Perpetual Blind Date said...

I am right there with you. I saw a pin the other day that said "my boss is paying me to pin - he just doenst know it yet" - SO true!! - Sarah

Cigar Heiress said...

I am completely obsessed. I need to follow your boards!

mom said...

the deer antlers is actually a moose antler. you anways.