Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Randomness

"I am not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes, because I know I am not dumb and I know I am not blonde." Dolly Parton

This is a random/rant/thank God its Friday post all in one.

I work at a physical therapy clinic and right now the majority of our patients are older. Now, let me just say that I LOVE our older patients, in fact I get along with them quite well. They love me, one even told me that I am a perpetual granddaughter...I have no idea what that means, but I'll go with it.

I even have a standing margarita date about every other week with a former patient of ours. He is about 70 years old and we just talk about life, he gives me advice on dating, its good conversation...he's like a second grandpa.

However, I do not appreciate it when all these old folk like to tell me a blonde joke. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. they come to their appointment. I get it already. I am blonde. Yes, I act blonde sometimes, but just because I do, does not mean I want to hear your latest blonde joke.

Pinterest always knows how I feel

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Rant over. Moving on.

My hair. It's a hotmess. I haven't had it highlighted since July. July people. It's October. Why, is because my hairdresser/friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Mia and has been out on Maternity leave. Thankfully she is back to work and I get my hair done on Monday. In the meantime, I have been sporting pony tail after pony tail until the last couple of days; I just decided to go with it. You know what, several people have commented on how they love my ombre looking hair...I hate to break it to you people...but this is called roots. Not ombre.

A rep came into our office today and brought us a giant purple pumpkin full of the "good" Halloween know, like Hershey’s, kit kats, snickers, reeses. I took that purple pumpkin full of delicious high calorie chocolaty goodness and hid it.

Believe it.

Some say I don't like to share

Good thing about Friday...PAY DAY...bad thing about Friday...paying bills. I had dreams and plans for that money...plans of shopping and a trip to Sephora for new make-up...alas my dreams are now being spent on bills. Blah.

Because I like to torture my dogs, and by torture I mean doing this....

"Hello, my names is Bentley...I have a PhD in sleeping all day and eating cupcakes when left unattended."

Happy Friday dolls!



Anonymous said...

I love Bentley! Even though Bella is not pictured I love her to!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Love the pic and quote about Bentley. Also love that you have a standing margarita date with your ex-patient. And the fact that your roots can pass for a delibrate ombre look. Work it, girl.... Happy Friday!


Jodie said...

OMG, I love the picture of Bentley. I laughed out loud for a good 5 minutes!!

mom said...

i'm so glad the she didn't eat my glasses, but i get to see what they actually look like on even on "dog" (which she doesn't think she is a dog).

Yes, 1:00 today can't come soon enough for me either. We finally get to get our hair done.