Thursday, October 6, 2011

My DVR is taking over my life

Hey dolls! So sorry I have been a bad blogger as of late. I've hardly posted or read or commented on all my favorite blogs and I promise this weekend to do some major blog stalking and commenting. Oh and coming up with some ideas to blog about. I have no idea why I can't think of anything to say, do y'all ever go through that? Not knowing what to write about. You would think it would be easy and I can just write about my everyday life, but my everyday life has been boring lately. So, unless you want to read about how many shows I have recorded in my TWO dvrs, yes that's two...I have a problem and it's with my dvr. I record everything. EVERYTHING.

Enough about that though, not only have I also been slacking in the blog world, but I haven't pinned anything or facebook stalked anyone. Well the facebook thing is not true, I did do that earlier. Priorities people.

Reality TV is taking over my life.

I need an intervention. Oh and I haven't worked out either and thanks to this new amazing find I found while I was in Texas and then when I came home and went to the grocery store I found it again, and of course bought it and of course devoured the entire bag in like a day...who am I kidding, in like less than a day.

Do you girls know about puppy chow? I usually just make it in the winter time, it's the best thing ever. It's chex mix, melted chocolate and peanut butter all mixed together and then mixed with powdered sugar. Anyway, that amazing little find is called "Muddy Buddies" by Chex Mix and it's puppy chow in a bag.


I strongly recommend you go out and buy it and then go run like 50 laps afterwards...which is something I need to be doing. I have eaten two bags of this. I don't even want to know the caloric intake of this.

Speaking of calories, this definition pretty much sums the word calorie up for me

Pinned Image

My thoughts exactly

Oh and because pinterest seems to know my exact thoughts as I'm thinking them...this one pretty much goes with my week.

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Word to your mother.

On that note, I'm out.




Anonymous said...

Mmm - that Chex stuff looks and sounds amazing. So does a margarita.


mom said...

i'm all for a margarita :)