Friday, October 28, 2011

Ever you'll find us, loyal and our Alma Mater O-S-U

It's FRIDAY y'all.

Can I get an Amen?!?

I am so excited for this day for many reason, not just because it's Friday but because it's HOMECOMING in the greatest place on earth. Stillwater, my home for 4 years of my life...I love this place.

Tonight is the night called Walkarounds, where literally the whole town shuts down an entire street and thousands upon thousands descend into Stillwater. It's seriously amazing. Alumni, current students, future students,babies of alumni, anyone and everyone who has ever loved OSU is there.

(Homecoming last year, our fountain even turns orange)

Walkarounds is intended for everyone to see what the sorority's and fraternity's have been working on all semester long. Huge housedecks are displayed in front of the Fraternity houses. It's scenes displayed based on the them for Homecoming. This year's theme is "Where your story began" Personally I LOVE this theme. It's so true, I know from my own experience that my story most definitely began at OSU, just like I am sure the majority of stories did.

I participated in the building of these housedecks and let me tell you as beautiful and astonishing as they is a huge pain in the ass to make. See, because I was in a sorority, we were responsible...along with the fraternity to make these housedecks. Basically the boys do all the manual labor, as in welding the structure and getting parts to move and things like that and the girls were responsible for the actual prettiness of it...if you will. We would spent countless hours all semester shoving tissue paper into chicken wire. Yes, you heard me right...tissue paper into the teeny tiny holes of chicken wire. It was time consuming and like I said a huge pain in my ass.

(Sneak peak at this year's housedecks)

However, going to walkarounds as an alum, I sure do appreciate the beauty of it that much more. The night before walkarounds in called "24 hour pomp"...this is where the madness ensues. You have until about 5:00 the night of walkarounds to get your deck up and running and displayed. The judges,'s a competition, will start showing up about that time. This is the time you for sure want your moving parts to move, after they judge your house, they could all fall apart and it won't matter. Just as long as they are running for that 10 minutes your house in being judged.

As much as I dreaded going into the night of "24 hour pomp" it was some of the best times spent with my sisters. Yes, I am not gonna lie, we had some knock down screaming arguments over where things should go and who is doing what, but really...that is expected with about 100 girls and 100 guys and no sleep. In the end, housedecks and walkarounds are part of an OSU tradition that has been happening for years. I am so honored and proud to have been a part of it. I will always treasure those memories and I can not wait for the day I get to take my husband and kids to walkrounds and show them what I used to do.

( Probably taken at 2 or 3 in the morning when the craziness of all night pomping takes place)

(our housedeck one year, we had a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory little Karisa)

(me working supervising)

(Oh goodness my hair was crazy)

Oh ya and there is a little thing called a homecoming game on Saturday too...not to mention how excited I am to be going back to my college bar for the night and having the world's best drink ever, made popular by my friends and I am sure. A limey. If you are ever in Stillwater, OK...stop by the bar called the Copper Penny and order this drink. Actually, if you are ever in Stillwater, just call me and I will meet you and have a drink with ya.

(Homecoming circa 2008, at the best bar ever with the infamous Limey)

Oh and one more thing that I am excited about, my boss is at the hospital right now waiting on the arrival of her second child. Baby Evan Christopher. Hurry up Evan...everyone has been anxiously awaiting your arrival!! Including me, who has packed on a few lbs along with your momma...all those damn cupcakes I had to go get her.

Hope y'all have a great weekend and I will most definitely be taking pictures of this years homecoming festivities.




Jodie said...

I'm not an OSU fan (Can we still be friends??) but every year I always talk about wanting to go to the walkarounds. I hope you have a wonderful Homecoming weekend!!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Aww looks like you lovely ladies had so much fun! I must admit I am little jealous I wanna join! That would be nice hehe!Have a great weekend girlie!

MOM said...