Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am loving that the sun is out and its been over 50 degrees this week and the piles and piles of snow are melting. Almost no memory of that blizzard...oh wait, except my electric and gas bill. That's one hell of a reminder.

I am loving the wonderfully nice people next door at Immedite Care for not stiching up but gluing the tip of my finger back on, after I sliced it open with a knife. Note to self. All knives must be put up in the knife rack and not hanging out loosely in the drawer.

I am loving this song by Steel Magnolia
Its the perfect girl power song and I love it!!

I am loving that my Alma Mater, Oklahoma State, Football coach Mike Gundy is Justin Bieber's ringtone

Follow up video of Coach Mike Gundy...he's got Bieber it!!  Sorry, I don't know how to get the acutal video onto the blog. Go here, to see a clip of Coach Gundy...quite funny.

I am loving these two people my mom and baby brother

and on a good day I am loving this old, stubborn cowboy also known as my dad

Most of all I am loving my lovely followers. You guys are awesome!

What are you loving this Wednesday...go over here

Have a wonderful beautiful day : )



Anonymous said...

I'm loving the pics of your family they are GREAT :)

mom said...

ahh, love you too. Yes, sometimes the old, stubborn cowboy can be a pain in the butt. Yes, we are LOVING the weather this week. It is soooo nice to look out and see the snow being melted away.

Kait @ Mrs. DIY and the tennis guy said...

Oh no! That knife incident sounds like it hurt!! I cut my leg once and they glued it back together! it was interesting...haha


Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisys said...

Great loves!

Katie said...

I'm loving all your Wednesday loves! I'm still working on mine for today. Your blog is beautiful. Hope you'll come visit!


Tiffany said...

Pretty sure I've played the Steel Magnolia song on repeat ever since I got home after hearing at your house last week! :)