Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sometimes a girl just needs to let out a little steam. I think being cooped up and snowed in for over a week and seeing nothing but white powder outside has got me on edge that an people are really pissing me off today. My besties and I do these "Rant" emails to each other whenever one of us just needs to get something off our chest...I realized I have a blog now...I can rant on my here goes it, feel free to rant along with me. You know you want to.

1. People keep cancelling on me today. If I made it to work in the -27 degree temps and the 40 plus inches of snow on the ground...than so can you.
2. If I called you 300 hundred times and left you voice not say that I never called you and left you a voicemail,because I did. You big, fat, dumb liar. You know where liar's go, don't you??
3. I realize that my lips are chapped. I don't need a perfect stranger to come up to me and tell me they are chapped. One-that's rude Two- Would you like me to remind you that you are bald? Three-Its a freakin blizzard outside, sometimes chapped lips happen.
4. Its -27 degrees, I did not sign up to live in the Freakin North Pole. Next winter, I am flying South. Forget this business.
5. Why can't I find a cute duvet cover?? Everything I find that is cute, is a plain ol comforter. I don't want a plain ol comforter...I want a cute duvet cover. I love my down comforter and I want to keep it. I just want my bedroom to be cute.
6.Plain hamburgers just aren't the same. I want to eat a cheeseburger dammit! Milk Allergies can suck it.

Aww...I feel so much better : )



Anonymous said...

*Like* Great rant. <3 you...the day is bound to get better and the weekend is just around the corner - and supposedly bringing nice weather with it!


mom said...

i like the rant things

1. just because you think you dont have to blug in your diesel truck to keep it from gelling up, DONT CALL ME...My truck which is a ford by the way not a dodge, pulled your ass home 2 times during the snow blizzards from hell.

2. people just need to do their own damn job and being on the internet or talking about personal issues doesn't count.

3. i would really like to bitch slap the next person that says "I love the snow". I really wouldn't slap you, i would punch you.

4. i feel much better now. Thanks sis.

Rach said...

Everyone needs to rant once in a while (and I'd be pissy too if I was stuck in a snowstorm!). As far as the duvet goes, I love my pretty white ruffly one from Target Shabby Chic but it took forever to find one that I actually loved enough to spend the money on!

Laura said...

Good rant! Not sure how you all made it through the crazy weather the past few weeks...

And though I chose to live in the frozen north, I still don't appreciate -30 in February.

So glad to hear someone else is having duvet cover trouble (though I'm not happy you are having it) - I thought I was just too picky. Loving this one from Anthropologie, but it's a little far out of my budget: (but in cream). What style are you looking for?