Monday, February 14, 2011

Dinner, drinks, hockey and an episode of My Redneck Wedding?

Good Monday Morning dolls and Happy Valentines Day!!

For the first time, in what seems like an eternity I drove my car this weekend. Its like turning 16 yrs. old all over again and finally getting to drive. Snow is finally melting due to our awesome 60 degree weather...can you believe -27 one day, 40 inches of snow and now week long temps of 60s and 70s...that's Oklahoma for you..but I am not complaining. I am for sure enjoying this spring like weather after that crazy blizzard. I am finally getting my routine back, and it feels good. Not so good..the soreness in my back from shoveling snow and from starting all over on my work out routine. Hopefully no more blizzards to get me out of my routine...Summer is fast approaching peeps gotta get that body in tip-top shape!

This weekend went by way tooo fast for me. Miss Football flew in for the weekend and her, bestie and I had a great weekend of catching up, laughing, dinner, lots of wine and cocktails and a hockey game. The only one missing, was honey. I so badly wish we could all four live in the same city much less same state again. Its probably for the best though, college is over and we are too old to be acting like that every least I know I am : )

We started off Friday night, with me cooking dinner and dessert and having a girls night in. It was a great time of just catching up, enjoying a yummy dinner-if I do say so myself-wine, cocktails and lounging around. Isn't it funny how much fun you can have just lounging around talking about nothing in particular, reminiscing about the good ol college days and laughing all night long...I miss that. I made my version of Olive Garden's Capellini Pomodero and for dessert Red Velvet Vegan Cupcakes. I will post recipes later.

Saturday night we had plans for shoe shopping, dinner and a hockey game. Needless to say our evening didn't go quite as expected. Shoe shopping didn't happened, as we got there...they were closing. We had dinner at a great place on Brookside called Cosmos. Awesome atmosphere, amazing cocktails and yummy delicious food and dessert. It was a great evening. Perfect Valentines day dinner...who needs a guy, when you have best friends like these, right?

On to the hockey game, Bestie is great and got us the hook-up with some club seats to the hockey game, we get there and are trying to get in, but our tickets aren't scanning. We had Friday nights game tickets...not Saturday nights. Oops. Oh well, all is not lost, we managed to still get into the game and in our great seats...just in time for...get ready for it. A wedding. At a hockey game. Not like an NHL hockey game. A minor league(or whatever its called) hockey game. I had to look around and make sure Redneck wedding wasn't filming, maybe they were...look for me in the audience, I will be the one with my jaw on the floor. Who gets married at a hockey game? Who also has your bridal party be the wanna be "dancers" of the hockey team, wearing tube tops, and spandex pants. Oh, and the best man...the hockey teams mascot. Seriously? Who, after they get engaged and start planning the best day of their lives says, " I want to get married at a no name hockey game and have the "dancers" be my bridal party and my dress to look like I have a WWE belt with Oilers written on it." Who does that?? It was crazy.  They also walked out under some hockey sticks. Now, I am very happy for them that they found love and someone just as willing to get married at a hockey game. I am just saying, you will never find me getting married at a hockey game. Congrats to them!

In more hockey news, the game was awesome. Now, I know nothing about hockey. Just what I know from The Mighty Ducks. Miss Football kept yelling things like, "Do the flying V!" and football terms. I was just trying to stay with the flying puck that goes everywhere. Word of advise to the God's of Hockey...can you make the puck like neon pink, so its easier to find? Just a suggestion. Best part of the game, was the fight. Isn't that why you go to a hockey game in the first place? This fight was seriously hardcore, a good 5 minute or so fight. Jabs, Hooks, Crosses, Undercuts, I do kickboxing...I know the terms. Helmets flying, sticks flying, awesome fight. We even went into overtime and the Oilers ended up winning 4-3. Perfect ending to a perfect Valentines Day weekend with the bff's.

Hope everyone's weekend was wonderful and you got to enjoy the great weather. Happy day of love everyone!!



Anonymous said...

What a great weekend! I missed being there with you girls to share in the fun, but am really, really glad that you have this wonderful blog so I can read about it. Best line: "I do kickboxing...I know the terms." LOVE YOU, DARLING!


Tiffany said...

I also repeatedly yelled "Hit him with your stick!" which I still feel was quite appropriate. I just feel bad for the people sitting around us. You know how mad Bestie and I get when people say stupid things at football games.....yea, we were THOSE people!

Emma said...

Hi there - thank you visiting my blog and leaving such a great comment!

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I totally agree - Valentine's Day best friends make the day special too! :)

Have a great day!