Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm back!!!!!!!!!

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!!! After 3 looong days of being completely snowed in with no contact to the outside world, my mom felt pity on me and rescued me from what has now become Snoklahoma, Snoclopase, Snomagadon...hell as I like to call it...pure, cold, blizzardly, miserable hell. Well, it wasn't that miserable. I did have heat and water and electricity, but NO ONE to talk to. I may have called my mom like a million times in the last three days. I was literally going crazy, one more day and you might have found me in a padded room. I think even my dogs were ready for me to get rescued. In case you have been living under a rock or were the fortunate ones to not receive any of the 20 INCHES of snow and more coming as I type this, than you would know that Oklahoma got majorly crapped on my Mother Nature. Thank you Mother Nature for once again reminding me how much I absolutely hate winter. HATE IT. LOATHE IT. DESPISE IT.

I am a summer girl. I was born in late August, so by nature...I am just a summer loving girl. I love hot days, where in the morning on your way to work you can roll your windows down, summer nights outside with a nice Oklahoma breeze, spending all day on the lake in the hot sun, sno-cones, I am NOT NOT NOT a winter girl. Now, mind you, I don't mind the occasional snow...just a dusting. I love snow skiing and Colorado. However, I do not love this
Snow drifting to my front bueno.

Or this
My poor little bushes...I hope they make it through.

Even poor little bella isn't a fan, she got stuck a couple of times...and I had to pull her out, poor thing

Bentley wasn't a fan either

When you are stuck in the house for three days with no one to talk to but yourself and your little doggies, you start to do stuff you never want to do like...organize your closet, deep clean your house, give your dog a haircut because she missed her groomers appointment due to the snow.

Good things from being snowed in, catching up on your dvr, I would have blogged but my laptop is broken or that would have been a good thing, working out multiple times a day(due to free exercise shows on your tv), drinking wine at 11:00 am...don't judge me, you try being snowed in by yourself with no where to go going on your third day of no human contact, and  being able to catch your dog doing some yoga....

We really are trying to watch our girlish figures in my household.
I am so happy to be re-connected to the bloggy feels so good : ) I also couldn't be happier to be snowed in at my moms house, because so far today I have had two bowls of home-made peach cobbler, we are having chicken pot pie for dinner and she just made some chocolate sheet much for my girlish figure!!



Tiffany said...

YAY for being back!! :) And the picture of Bella doing yoga is freaking awesome!

Bracey Pate said...

Welcome back!!
Check out my new link-up posted today!

Anonymous said...

mom to the rescue!! I'm with you 100% on the snow issue we are currently having. YUK doesn't even describe it. I think if you were born during the summer months, you do prefer summer over winter. We did build a snowman family yesterday. It was very nice outside even though it didn't melt the 20+ inches of snow. Yes, we have officially almost eaten the whole sheet cake in 1 1/2 days. What else are girls suppose to do in this???

Anonymous said...

I love love love the dog yoga picture. Haha...glad that you've been making the best of the weather with cleaning, exercise, wine at 11 AM (no judgement!), time with your family, etc. etc.