Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Funday

Well...its Superbowl Sunday peeps. Who are you rooting for?? Packers or Steelers. Cheese heads or I don't know a nickname for the Steelers. Sorry.

I am not really down with the football.

Professional football that is. College football, I am totally there. OSU Cowboys is where its at.

I like watching the Superbowl for 2 reasons. Half-time and commercials. Yes, I know. Typical girl.

Thanks to Miss football, I have actually learned a lot about the game and can actually enjoy it.

My first college football game to go to, I was with my two bffs and I turned to them and asked,"Where's the yellow line?" Needless to say, I was still am  clueless about football. My bff Honey thought the same thing about the yellow line...we are really two peas in a pod : )

I don't really care who wins today, I just hope its a great game and that the commercials and half-time show are awesome.

My favorite commercials are always the Budweiser commercials with the Clydesdale horses. I love them. They are so magical and huge...they literally would eat you out of house and home.

 I wonder if I can get a miniture Clydesdale.

I am going to google it.

Everyone have a safe and fun Super Bowl Sunday.

May your team win : )


Tiffany said...

I freaking love you. This is the most random post ever, but I was totally with you. I think I'm jut on your wavelength now!

~Miss Football

Bracey Pate said...

Wouldn't it be so much easier for everyone if there really was a yellow line?!?!
I watch the Super Bowl solely for the commercials...but I'm pretty excited for Black Eyed Peas this year too!

Anonymous said...

Pittsburg Steelers!! Yes, i normally only watch for the little horses too. The commercials make the game for the most part. Sorry football players :(

Anonymous said...

We ARE two peas in a pod. The yellow line would be so helpful in real life live games.