Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Monday Morning

I believe spring has sprung...or at least it did for a couple of days. This weekend was beautiful here in NE OK. Gorgeous spring like weather. I was definitely starting to get the fever...Bieber fever. Oh, wait..wrong fever. Spring Fever! The weather was so nice, I turned off my heat and opened my windows. I love letting the fresh spring like air in. I read somewhere that last Thursday, we had a 100 degree difference in temps. How does that even happen? I guess when you go from -27 to 77 degrees it makes it a possibility. Needless to say, I enjoyed breathing in the nice, brisk air, and wearing short sleeve shirts.

I had originally planned on building my raised garden beds this weekend, since the weather was so nice. I even had one of my guy friends give me a power drill, some L-Shape things that you need to cut wood, and some wood screws. I was prepared. All but the wood itself. Do you people know how expensive wood is? Lets put it this way, I needed to buy some make-up and my make-up ain't cheap. So, long story short. Lumberr was not purchased this weekend. And no raised garden beds were made. I did however purchase these lovely items:

Mac Studio fix in NW20 ( because I am pale)

Two Faced Glamour Gloss in Barely Legal
Nars Blush in Orgasm
Soft Lights in Shimmer for that movie star it!!
It's really all about priorities people. Make-up or lumber, Feel pretty now or Fresh veggies later, what can I say?? I want to feel pretty. I am a girl.

My mom also got some new make-up, so what do us girls do on a Saturday night. You would think, a single girl like me should be out on the town meeting guys. Nope. We went to Wal-Mart sporting our new make-up. Nothing says a night on the town like Wal-Mart on a Sat. night.

How boring am I?? Help...I need a social life.

Did I mentioned my Friday night was spent at a Hunting and Fishing Tackle show. I went by choice. I like those things. I went with my mom and little brother. I brought home an OSU coffee mug and a jar of pickles.

About that social life??


mom said...

But we did look good at wal-mart. LOL

The hunting and fishing show was so much fun. Who would have guessed the Logan would end up with the jewerly (necklace and braclet)me--water shoes (they are really cute and comfortable-i'm ready for the lake and river now and a grill.

talk about random buying this whole weekend. Great time had by all

Anonymous said...

It's very important to look good at Wal-Mart. You do NOT want to end up on that people-at-Wal-Mart site. Not that you ever would because you have class and style, which all of the people on that site lack.
Anyway, your priorities are just as they should be. MAC makeup = awesomeness.


Tiffany said...

This is classic. Make up or lumber? Was there really even a question there?

~Miss Football

Jodie said...

I love love MAC foundation!! It has to be one of the best foundations out there!! I also love Orgasm Blush by Nars!! I think that blush looks great on just about everyone!! I am a Nars and MAC junkie!! :)