Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello, Monday

Goooood Morning loves

It's a beautiful morning here in Oklahoma...well, I'm sure it's a beautiful morning...the sun hasn't come out yet...but the weather is the perfect fall temp.
I've already been outside this morning to referee dogs vs. cats round 634.
In case you are wondering the cats won...just like they win every time.
Little ol' Bentley just wants to be friends, but the cats think otherwise.

On a good note, I found my most favorite coffee ever...other than the pumpkin spice latte...nothing will touch that stuff. See...I don't have the keurig here at Nana and Papa's, I have just a regular ol' coffee maker. Therefore I haven' t been able to use one of my favorite k-cups, Caramel Drizzle.
Until today, or yesterday in fact, I was just a shopping away and there I saw it...Caramel Drizzle coffee grinds for the old school coffee pot. The heavens opened and the light was shining and I have never been more excited to wake up at the crack of dawn to drink me some Caramel Drizzle.
Now..that is a good morning....since I've had like two cups, I thought...why not's the only time in the day I seem to have to blog anyway.

How about this dude that freaking just skydived from space?? Holy crap. Did he just wake up one day and think..."Hmm...screw jumping out of a plane, I'm going to just jump from space."
Thank goodness he made it, it's pretty amazing

Who has been watching the Jersey Housewives reunion?
Talk about all kinds of cray cray.
I don't even have words...all I can say is,Andy are my favorite and I have never liked a reunion more that I liked those 3 episodes and Teresa is legit out of her mind.

Friday night, Nana and I went to have Margarita's.
I just love that little lady.
She had a long day and I needed to celebrate...I pretty much had a kick-ass,awesome work meeting that morning and it called for a celebratory Margarita.
When we were ordering Margarita's the waitress asked her what kind she wanted and my Nana said, "A large one!"
Once again I have no pictures to document...I always forget...hell, the other day I left for work and forgot to put pants on.
I have a lot to remember people.
In my defense, I had pajama pants on...I mean, almost every day last week I did wear leggings which are pretty much close to pj pants...but at least they look presentable.

Bentley loves it out here at Nana and Papa's farm.

Bentley and my Papa are like bff's.
They go everywhere together.
Yesterday, Pa comes in and says, "Bentley found some eggs!"
This is an unusual statement for multiple reasons.
1. Bentley has been a city dog, yes, she is a hound dog, but a city dog and she has never done hound dog stuff...make sense? So, her finding chicken pretty much awesome.
2. We didn't think we actually had hens...we thought we had all roosters. Well...unless a rooster can all of a sudden lay an egg...we do in fact have some hens.

So, since Bentley found some eggs...which were hidden in a corner on the ground, Papa thought I needed to get in the pens and gather some eggs.
I think he must be getting on up there, because he seems to have forgotten that I don't do chickens. Nor, do I like to get in there pen, disturb them and take their eggs from them.
See...when I was little, I loved gathering was my favorite thing to do...until one day a crazy ass hen decided to attack me and every since then I don't do chickens.
Unless they are battered and fried and come in strips.

Anyway, I proceed to get in the dang pen, and of course the chicken and I start battling. I'm screaming, the chicken keeps hitting it's head on top of top of the pen tyring to get out, I'm standing in there just going in circles...and I hear my Papa yell at me, "Grow some balls and get the chicken eggs!"
Hold up...did my 71 year old grandpa just tell me to "Grow some balls"
Where did he learn that from?
Anyway...I got the dang eggs and told him if he wants someone to gather him, he better train his new bff, bentley the basset hound, because this chick isn't doing it.

The other day I heard my Nana, my 71 year old grandma, refer to someone as a d-bag.

It's clear to me that I should probably say nicer things...because obviously their new sayings are coming from me.


Happy Monday loves



Veronica Lee Burns said...

haha that's hilarious!

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness! I loved this post! I miss my grandpa passed away 11 years ago. My grandma lives in OK...we moved to New Mexico for my dad's job when I was 5.

I have a similar story about gathering eggs and have feared chickens (birds in general) since then!!

Love your blog.

Stephen said...

Lord but I'm a sucker for a bassett hound. Poor thing!

Hey, I enjoy reading your blog, and I hope it's OK, but I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Swing on by Joy of Sandwiches sometime to collect it, if you'd care to!

Have a good day.

Tiffany said...

This is classic Lyndse randomness. I. Love. It. Except the Housewives part. Because when you talk about that it's like you are speaking another language to me. Favorite part? "A large one." What other kind is there?

~Miss Football