Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dreaming of Pinterest

It's Tuesday...also known as the first Friday of this week.
I guess that's the only good thing about having a holiday on a Wednesday, it's like we get TWO Fridays.
and I love Fridays.

I also love Pinterest, so much in fact I had a dream last night that I was in a pinterest competition. You had to have the most boards and you had to be creative with your titles and you had to accomplish items out of at least three of your boards.

It was brutal.
I'm thinking there are two reasons for this Pinterest inspired dream. 
1. I watched that new show on TLC hosted by Tori Spelling called Craft Wars
2. I was on Pinterest before bed.

I think when you dream about Pinterest competitions, one should probably lay off the pins for awhile.

I hate how in dreams you always wake up before the ending, like when you dream about getting married, you never know who the husband is and when you dream about a Pinterest competition, you don't know who the winner is.
I'm going with that I won.

I realize I sound crazy dreaming of Pinterest.
It is what it is folks.

Speaking of, I love Ecards...I think they really grasp my thoughts.

HA. wouldn't that be nice ;-P

UMMM...ya, where are ya?!?

I guess I can only say the following one for another month or so...because this will need to change when I turn 28. YIKES!!

this is true.

This has never been truer...
(Is truer a word?)

Hope y'all have a safe and fun 4th of July.


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Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

lol these are cracking my up... lol i'll be 27 and i'm like do i keep shopping @ f21 and then i thought of COURSE i am! have a great fourth!!