Thursday, July 26, 2012

28 in 28

I thought it only fitting to participate in Erin's, ___in___ link up...

considering one month from today I will be 28.
Goodness it doesn't get any easier saying it out loud or writing it down.
Twenty freaking eight.
It helps that the other day someone thought I was 18..

Shaking my groove thing then....

and now...

So here it goes 28 in 28.

1. Be in the best shape ever.I hear it only gets tougher trying to stay I need to get with a good program now. As in yesterday.

2. Get married.

3. This probably requires actually meeting said boy to marry.
(minor detail)

4.  Get dream job.

5. Find a great church group.

6. Get my sweet dog Bella to finally grow all of her hair back.

7. Got to at least two of my little brothers college rodeo's...if not more.

8. Take my mom on a trip...preferably a beach vacation.

9. Spend more time with my Nana and Papa.

10. Pay my students loans off. 

11.  Spend less, save more.

12. Check out the vineyards here in Oklahoma...we have some great ones.

13.  Meet up with two of my favorite bloggers...Jodie, who is a fellow okie and Sami, who is a fellow OSU alum. 

14. Get a fancy schmancy camera and learn photography.

15. Join a flag football team...or just play flag football with my friends.

16.  Grow le blog.

17.  Buy these freaking boots, because every OSU fan needs them, even if they do cost an arm and a leg...(so much for spend less, save more)

Oklahoma State University Gameday Cowboy Boots - Pointed Toe

18. Re-decorate my bedroom...I've only been saying this forever.

19.  Next big vacation...Europe...mainly Italy.

20.  Cook thanksgiving dinner all by myself.

21. Be a better daughter, sister, friend.

22. Spend more time with my sweet, sweet doggies.

23.  Accomplish one pinterest project a month, whether it be a new recipe or a DIY project.

24. Get another signature little black that actually will work anywhere.

25.  Run more.

26.  Host a dinner party.

27. Keep up my adventurous streak.

and finally, 

28.  Don't happy.

And remember...for all those who would like to send me a present...wink, 28th birthday is August 26.
Just so ya know.

Have a great Thursday.



Sami said...

Love love love. #13 is my fave of course but also #17 you need those and I need them too!

D said...

Ah your Basset hound is to die for! Mine passed away in February :( Can't wait to read more!

mom said...

Oh are counting them down. Lord so help me :)

Tiffany said...

I have got to be invited to your dinner party! And I LOVE that picture of us dancing. Freakin' hilarious!


Anonymous said...

This is great, Darling! 28 is gonna be a wonderful year.


Anonymous said...

Can we all wear our aprons at your dinner party? :)
PS I'm pulling for Bella to get her groove (hair) back!

Anonymous said...

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