Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A little Random

Hey loves....
So...sorry I've been a little MIA on my blog posts...as I've been told my a few people. 
Mainly Miss Football and my family.

I thought I should at least stop by and say hi, especially after I get an email from this lady...

and all it says in the subject line is
"You need to blog. Now."

I figured she meant business...so here we are.

What's new, well not that much. Just a lot of life stuff that has been keeping me away from blog land.
This past weekend my mom and I took a much needed trip to Southern Oklahoma where my  family is from...I love visiting my Nana and Papa. Hands down the best people ever. Love them so much.
Here is a picture of my Papa. Hardest working man I know...and he's quite the character, that is for sure.

Always in overalls...and you can't see it in this picture, but he always has a toothpick in. Always.
You know when you have nicknames that you have been called forever and only certain people call you that?
For as long as I can remember my Nana and Papa have either always called me, "punkin, Lyndse Lou, or as my Papa calls me, Lou."

My mom, dad and brother call me Sis.
My BFF calls me Tatum Belle.
My friends call me Lyns or lollipop.

Now that I think of it...I'm not sure anyone calls me by my actual name.
That's ok...I think nicknames are endearing...at least the good ones are,right?
Isn't it funny how some people get nicknames?

Not really sure when this post went to telling you what I've been up too...to nicknames.
Oh well...nothing like a little randomness.

It was nice being able to get away, even it was for a few days and I got to spend it with my family and see my Uncle and cousins that I hardly ever get to see. 

Well..that's it for now...on another note, thank you all for your kind words and support on the Inspiration Thursday post.
As an update, I've lost 4lbs. 

Have a great day loves, xoxo!



Anne said...

You're gpa is TOO cute! Missed you!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

nicknames are the best! We have a ton in our fam.

Precious Gpa picture :) How sweet!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

nicknames are the best! I love them, so many are too funny while others are so sweet! & love the pictures so sweet girlie!

mom said...

ahh.love my daddy!!

You forgot "tatum"

more nicknames:
Bentley Sue--Pluto
Bella Mae--snowball

got to love Papa:)

Wine and Summer said...

You're grandpa is so cute!! Love it! Sounds like a great trip!

Anonymous said...

My Lolipop! I tried to tag you on FB & searched for Lolipop, obviously my search off. I'm so glad that's still your nickname!